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    *SPOILERS* He’s baaAAaack!


    I can talk about it.

    This week, with LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #4, I can finally talk about August’s upcoming ADVENTURE COMICS #1/#504!!

    The series will feature one of my favorite characters to write and a mainstay of my run on TEEN TITANS – SUPERBOY.


    You can get a look at some amazing pages from issue #1 illustrated by Francis Manapul at the DCU Blog. Francis and I have been talking about Superboy since last San Diego Comic Con and it’s nice to finally see it come to light.


    But that’s not all. It can’t be, right? I mean, it’s called ADVENTURE COMICS. It’s not called SUPERBOY. That’s because the series won’t just be featuring Superboy, it’ll be co-featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes fresh from the Crisis of the 31st Century in LEGION OF THREE WORLDS. More on the details of the book, and Superboy and the Legion, will be coming out in the following weeks, but I think it’s safe to reveal that STARMAN will be the Legionnaire taking front and center stage with our first issue.


    Hope you all have a great Free Comic Book Day!



    A Batmobile? How'd you get a Batmobile shipped to San Francisco?

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