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    Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to the newly redesigned We’ve been living off of an interim design for the last year or so as everyone was busy doing their work thing (Geoff sort of had a big year, you might have heard). Behind the scenes we’ve been working to create a new identity for him, and a new website that would work more closely as an expression of his needs.

    This site will become the professional site for Geoff, and you will be able to follow his updates, and (obviously) his blog posts. We’ve made the process for him to share things easier, and easier for you to follow him across different channels.

    As always, we encourage you to visit Geoff’s Forums on ComicBloc and share your thoughts and talk about cereal, 7-11 and other things with him.

    You won’t hear too much from Josh and myself, this is Geoff’s site after all, but we wanted to kick it off in style.




    Believe it or not, I've still got a plan.

    Hal Jordan